Viva L'Creative

So I went the latest Creative Warehouse Sale last Friday. And I was so excited! All the cool technology for me to touch and feel and listen to! Lemme do a summary of the stuff I saw there.

-The X-Fi. Creative’s new flagship Sound Blaster. Really cool sound card for the semi-audiophiles out there. Has a really nice upconverting feature. Upconverts from 16bit to 24bit as well as from 2.0 to 5.1! I really wanna know how they do it. I do know though that they need a really poweful DSP (which they sport, something with 10,000 MIPS!) for all the stuff they are doing.

-The HQ-2300D. Really cool headphones. They have their own DAC and Amps in a small little box That means nicer coupling and better sound! No more “damn it i bought these cool guy headphones but there is impedence mismatch with my driver.” Also they support Dolby Digital or DTS inputs, by having its own decoder (inside that box)! This guy can optimise your 5.1 DTS or Dolby Digital for a headphone. Kinda like the Holophonic sound thingy. The best part is that if you dont’t have 5.1 source, it can upconvert the 2.0 to 5.1 for you, just like the X-Fi!

-The Zen Vision M. Saw the so called iPod killer. Have the agree that the UI is not as intutive as the iPod. Took me and TheWeed like 5mins to figure out how to use the scroll pad thingy. Oh and its huge! But still if I ever buy one, might go with Creative. It’s the accessories and extra functions. Oh and also the codec support.

-The Decoders and Mixers. More like connectivity options for the various Creative devices that people own. Nice ideas, especially the fact that they have so many options.

-The Creative In-ear headphones. Keng bought one of those, says they are really as efficient as they promise to be! Have been thinking about those since I heard Robert Heron from DL.TV ranting about it!

-The Creative Prodikeys and family. Cool stuff, one day when I know more about music I’ll think about these

-The S$39 1st Gen mp3 players. Would be fun just to open it up and see whats what!

-The Creative Webcams. Going at insane prices !

So what did I buy? Nothing :( What do I want? The X-Fi, the HQ-2300D and most importantly a Job!! Would be so cool to work with Creative! :D