Privacy and the Internet

Recently there has been a lot of ‘hoohaa’ about Internet. The saga, the whole Tammy thingy in Singapore. People blaming technology for being evil, or allowing evil people to do more evil things. Probably spawn more evil people. OK enough evil, back to my point..

My point is that it is not the technology, it is you. Yes YOU! Its the people that don’t realised the full meaning of what they are doing when use technology to do stuff. My personal favourite is people who “socially construct” about privacy on the internet! Let me exemplify using blogs.

Blogs were basically the virtual extensions of dairies. But, they are open to the public. The idea is for the anyone to be able to see them. Now, some people decided to lock their blogs, so that not everyone can access them. Personally, I feel its an anti-thesis to the principle of blogging, but I do understand the need of such things ( As pointed out by a friend recently. ) However, how much do you think you can keep things private on the internet?

Personally, I feel that if you publish anything on the internet, its is bound to be accessible in one way/form or another. That is what internet if for. Sharing/transferring information. How can you rely on such a system to keep your data private? And our good friends at Google are basically trying to categorize as much data as they can find on the internet. So, if they can crack your encryption/hack, your precious little blog is available for everyone in the world to search!

Another, interesting perspective to this issue. When you delete stuff that was accessible from the web, like web pages and stuff, do you think its really gone? Gone from your server maybe. But what about Google Cache? Ever looked at Makes you wonder huh?

So, know what you are really doing before using any technology, especially the Internet. You may be saved from a lot of trouble. And try to google your Name and you nick once every few months, that way you know what dirt people can dig up about you.:p