The X-Fi uncovered

I am really excited about the X-Fi. I know compared to some really high end stuff out there, this is really nothing. But, its something really good that I can afford. Well maybe not now. Hopefully I can buy one from TheWeed if he wins one.

Anyway, so when am I ever satisfied by just looking at or merely using some really cool peice of technology? I wanna know how it works? Especially if you claim things as Creative has claimed. So I was looking for some nice indepth technical reviews done by people on the X-Fi. But sadly, I found only generic stuff, nothing in much detail.

Untill I found these. Creative X-Fi pt 1 Creative X-Fi pt 2 Creative X-Fi pt 3 Creative X-Fi pt 4

Nice and long review of the X-Fi. :D Now if only I had the time to read.