Google your route

I was watching CommandN, and they mentioned about this…

TTC eyes Google for planning trips. –Planning a quick trip across town using public transit could one day be a matter of simply Googling the route in Toronto!

So Toronto Tansport Company(I think) is thinking of setting up a system where people can google for the transport routes and let the system plan their root for them..

Its a cool idea, but then again its not that new! The Copenhagen Transport system has this for like 3+ years now. And it works really well. Its called the Rejseplanen which mean “Travel Planner” and it combines all the trains(local and national), busses and metros.

Plus it allows you to state what time you want to reach the place and can tell you what time u should be at the bus stop near ur place!

And it will estimate and add changeover delays according which platform your train arrives and which platform the next train is supposed to leave!! That is cool..

How I wish they had something like that for Singapore. I’d be addicted to it forever. I can’t even remember when the A1s leave PGP and when the A2s.