Oh yeah!. It’s about to be August again and that means its time for WOMAD.

For those who have never heard of it. WOMAD stands for World of Music, Arts and Dance. It’s basically a World Music/Art/Dance showcase that takes place around the world in various locations around the year. Generally happens in August in Singapore.

For all the music lovers out there, it’s pure heaven. It’s 3 evenings full of music. There are like 30+ performances+workshops+other stuff. The energy and excitement in that place is crazy.

Last year was really amazing. There was Apache Indian, the Dhol Foundaton, the Tuareg musicians, a Sri Lankan drum group, and so many more people from all over the world. I went for only 2 days and I felt I missed so much. There was some really great music and some awesome workshops.

Its generally held at Fort Canning Park, and there are like 2-3 stages where many groups perform at the same time. You choose what you like. You get to sit in the park, under the beautiful night sky and get to listen to the best mix of music you can get in Singapore for 3 consequtive days.

Point being, I am going again this time around. It’s on the 24th ,25th and 26th August, from like ~6 till late. OK, I agree the tickets are expensive, but I feel you get back what they are worth. It’s like going for concerts at Esplanade, just much more fun!

Sadly, this year as well, my “partner in rhyme”, when it comes to such things, wont be able to attend WOMAD.

So anyone wants to go with me? :p It’d be fun! You have my word!!