As a part of the fringe benefits of doing my FYP in I2R, I got to attend many interesting seminars and talks there. Just attended one on Web2.0 today. Very simple, very straight forward, and very interesting.

Reminds me of a blog post from a friend.:p

Wikipedia has a nice long article on it.

A few points I took home.

  • All the Web2.0 applications are content driven. The technology allows people to share and access the content easily. It’s just the means.
  • Lower hardware costs are major driving forces for the Web2.0 ‘boom’.
  • Mashups (linking multiple available services to create newer, more useful, services) go a long way.
  • Look at alternate sources of revenue.
  • Finally, all you need is a simple idea, the technologies and support is there. If you do it right, your start-up can also be bought by Google at $2M+++ ;)

Any Ideas?