Post FYP Syndrome

I have been suffering from what I term as the Post FYP Syndrome (PFS).

It has two main aspects to it, the psychological aspect, and the physiological aspect.

First the physiological aspect, lack of sleep: After conditioning my body to be dependent on caffeine for almost 2-3 months, the sudden withdrawal (which was done with a lot of determination) is causing havoc. Cravings are a huge problem and I tend to stay away from vending machines, coffee dispensers and Spinelli’s.

My sleeping pattern (actually the lack of one) is the other thingy. Too used to the 3-4hrs per night, and so now I can’t sleep for more than 3-4hrs, even when I try very hard. And I still woke like super tired today.

The physiological effects are worst. Now that most of the urgent deadlines have been met and all, I have time to rest, do nothing, slack. But, I can’t get myself to slack. Its too depressing. :’( Cos then I end up thinking about life and stuff. :”(

So I have to work. But I cant get myself to work. Cos I am so tired of working. Just finished FYP lah. Need to recoup, but I can’t. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh