Nature knows no Borders

I am really saddened by the recent earthquake in Northern India and Pakistan. It’s really a tragic thing.

Though such events can’t be prevented, I feel sad for the people from that region. And even prediction of such, cannot help much since the power of Nature is overwhelming.

What is even saddening is that the region of Kashmir has never seen peace for eons now. I mean I have always heard of the beauty of the Kashmir valley, but it seems that that, is now a thing of the distant memories.

Just when things seem to get a little better for the people, nature decided to unleash its wrath on them. All I can say is fate.

We can learn one thing from this though. Nature does not know borders. It’s a human concept. A concept created by those who wanted power and control over others. A natural tragedy like this though can strike over borders, not differentiating between any state, any province, any country, just dealing equal damage to all.

It seems that this event may bring the neighbours closer. Its a pity that such tragic happenings are required to generate friendships between two neighbours. Ah well, beggars cant be choosers.

I hope one day, I will get to see the beautiful Kashmir valley again.