Is all this just a subculture?

I really love technology. It has given me a whole different meaning to my life and the lives of so many people. It is almost like another culture which all of us are a slowly becoming a part of. Think about it.

PCs, Internet, Blogs, Mobile devices, Portable Media players, Software, Open Source stuff, Podcasts, Hardware, Technology Conferences, Web 2.0 (sorry kitty), Online communities, RSS feeds.

(Image from ryyo)

This is my culture. I tend to exist in these things most of my day and I love it. These and other related things give me all the necessary motivation and meaning to continue to exist and continue to do things which I love.Technology also gives so much power to the users. Vast amount of knowledge, and ability retrieve it almost instantaneously. It’s so crazy, that many times I get drunk in its power, and ability to do things.

On an MRT ride last week, I suddenly had this thought.

Is this just a subculture?

Really, how big and potent is this culture? Is it possible that I delve too much in these things that I do not see the world beyond it? How much have all these things affected the general population of the world. How much has it actually changed the world? Not my world, but the world in general.

I wonder…