I should learn LaTeX

After what I went through today. I say I have had enough of M$. Though I do save almost all my reports and other written articles as pdf files, I was still using M$ Word to create them. It is easy and I have been using it for years now.

However, todays episode is the last straw. I dont want to deal with unopenable files, unprintable files and stupid “Oooops your file is now corrupted, your data is all lost. Thanks for using M$”.

LaTeX seems to be the way to go. Though it’s difficult to learn it seems very flexible. It also seems to have some kind of style sheets. I dont know how and what. That is what I should find out now. And you can make pdf projector slides as well with LaTeX and stuff like that. That mean I can say “good bye” to M$ Office. I will only need it to open things, never to create anything.

Haha. Freedom at last. Just need to explore and read. A LOT!!