OK. This is too much.

I suddenly have this urge to go on Exchange again. Rather to go back to Danmark and study as an exchange student in DTU. Og , selvfølgelig læse Dansk, en gang tid. All over Again!!

I mean it was soooo coool. All the people I met there. All the adventures that we had. All the places we visited. And of course all the parties that we had. I am missing it.

What sucks is looking at people blogging from exchange and feeling jealous. Especially so when you have been to places that they are blogging from. Its like “I know that. I have seen that. I was standing right over there!!”

Man, I am sure all those who have been on exchange will agree, hands down, the best time for your Uni-life.

Now my friends are asking me to visit them again!! Oh man, I am soooo tempted to go back. How I wish I could just heck these exams and tour around Europe for a whole month, or maybe two or more. :P:P

My friends are asking me to make plans for next summer to Italy or Greece. I wanna go! But I really doubt I will. Jobs and stuff would have started then. So I guess not for 3 more years then. Thats too late then. But then where is Europe going. It will always be there as it is. So there is no hurry.

OK! Anyway, I will surely go one day. Like I said to so many of my friends from Denmark, “I promise to come back, some day”. Hope that ‘some day’ does happen some day.

As Momo said. Till Next.