Education is free!

After paying S$5000+ per year for 4 year of studies in NUS, it’s hard to believe that really great education can be free! Not to say that the education in NUS was bad, but it could have been better.

But the important point is that it is free! Free as in gratis free. But still free is good, and I like free. :D

It seems that lots of lecturers are joining the web2.0 bandwagon, with podcasts! I had heard of of a few universities podcasting some of their courses, but I did not expect so many! I found this on digg.

There are 134 free podcasts and more from various US and UK universities, inlcuding some of the top universities.

Not only podcasts, I also found the open courseware project from MIT!

They have courseware for all sorts of courses from, some really interesting ones, like

Coding Theory

Acoustics of Speech and Hearing

Music Perception and Cognition

Neural Coding and Perception of Sound

I have been following a few podcasts, for the last week, and it’s a great experience.

I am glad, that I can continue learning about really fun stuff even after I finished my 4 years at NUS. Of course it is not the same as attending the lecture, but you do get to grasp a lot of basic concepts and look at things from various perspectives.

This is something which I’d say is missing from NUS. NUS tends to narrow your perspective about the various fields of studies, since they have so many restrictions. :(

Learning is always fun, and if it’s free (in both senses of free), it’s better.