Creative Commons (Singapore) Day 2011

So I’m back in Singapore. And when I found out that there was Creative Commons Day in Singapore, I was stoked. I have always believed in Open Source / Creative Commons and other forms of community based IP licensing concepts. While I believe private licensing still has some use in this world, and innovative business models around both shares and private licensing schemes are the way forward, I am pretty sure that there’s tonnes of content in the world, which can easily be given a shared license without ANY loss of value to the original owner. Take for example all the private concerts that Indian Classical Musicians do. Their compositions are original (mostly improvised on the spot) and hence attract Copyright. If such content is recorded and shared under Creative Commons, the community around this music would benefit so much from it. But I digress.. Creative Commons Singapore

Creative Commons (CC) Singapore is an informal, 100% volunteer-driven, community effort. We hope to increase the awareness of Creative Commons in Singapore, so that people can make their informed choices for their creative pursuits. Ivan Chew a friend from the Singapore Garageband Meetup (and other places) is helping out with the community aspect of CC Singapore. He was responsible for organizing the really great CC Singapore Day on 11th Nov 2011 (yes, I am slow posting this..). I was excited to meet other creatives in Singapore who also believed in Sharing.. Also thanks to Ivan, I got to record some of the session and some interviews with the attendees at CC Singapore Day.


Here is a list of those who presented..

  1. DJ Reiki will share some of her CC-licensed works. (only got the last bit of her presentations)
  2. Justin Koh (got arm-twisted) to share about his CC musical endeavors on soundcloud. Justin contributed audio and videow for CC SG Fest.
  3. A screening of a made-in-SG CC-licensed film.If you grew up in 80s Singapore and have an inkling of the music scene, I think you’ll like this one. This 20min documentary brought a tear to my eye at the end.
  4., Chinmay Pendharkar, will share about their CC podcasts.


Enjoy listening to these recordings and let me know what you think (except that I need a better microphone, which I do..).