And the Penguins will rule the world!

Personally, I see this to be the future. Penguins will rule the world!


I’ll start by saying that I am no Linux (pronounced as “Linn-uks”) user. I have a PC that runs Windows only, and another with dual-boot XP and OpenSuse 10.1 . However, I rarely use the Suse. Main issue being, I am unable to config my USB WiFi dongle in Suse.

But, I have been tending towards switching over more and more the last few days. Seems that the penguin side of the OS world is getting so much better.

For one, all the Linux distros I used are so much more stable. I worked on my FYP almost exclusively in Fedora Core 3 (FC3). I remember crashing it just once. As opposed to the XP-Pro on my notebook, which crashed almost weekly.

I also had some great experience with Suse 10.1 and Ubuntu Dapper Drake, recently with my desktops. Both my PCs are having some HW issues. But they never gave any problems with any of the Linux distros I tried on them. All the problems only came up with Windows. At a given time, my desktop would not even install windows, but FC4 and Suse 10.1 ran like butter. :D

Just this week, my Dell has been giving issues as well. I cant boot in or even install a fresh copy of XP. So I used a Ubuntu LiveCD to extract all the important data, I needed! Go Ubuntu!

And the GUIs are getting so much more user-friendly. So many of my friends and relatives were unable to feel the difference between KDE and XP desktop! The best part is the amount of customisation it allows to your GUI without having to install any additional stuff, like in XP.

And the application support for Linux is amazing. You can get open source alternatives for anything and everything. Just have to find it. And you also get great community support for stuff.

And the best part is,it all FREE!

And with Linux jumping to mobile devices, I am pretty sure we’ll see many many more penguins in the world. :D

Now, how do I get this WiFi going ?